Dr Hugo Fernandes

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Meet Dr Hugo Fernandes

Melbourne Gynaecologist, IVF and Fertility Specialist

Dr Hugo Fernandes is a leading and highly respected minimally invasive surgeon, gynaecologist and fertility specialist in Melbourne, Australia. He is a caring, affable, and approachable specialist who spends quality time with his patients to explain, reassure and answer questions so they can make an informed decision about their health.

Dr Hugo specialises in complex gynaecological pelvic surgery including the management of endometriosis, adenomyosis, cysts, fibroids and surgical optimisation for fertility. As a general gynaecologist, he has extensive experience in managing women’s health problems. He treats couples with infertility through his unit Newlife IVF, where he is a founding partner and clinical director.

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Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery

Dr Hugo has undertaken a 2-year fellowship in advanced laparoscopic surgery after completing his 6 years of gynaecology training.

General Gynaecology

Whilst the health and wellbeing of women is always important, the conditions and concerns that may affect them throughout their lifetime vary significantly.


An initial consultation with Dr Hugo will typically take 45min. Time to cover medical history, review your presentation and assess and explain any investigations.

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