Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery


With the evolution of surgical instruments and procedures, there has been a significant shift towards minimally invasive ‘keyhole’ surgery. The benefits are numerous and include faster recovery, lower blood loss, lower pain and better cosmesis.

Whilst smaller procedures have existed for many years, quite major surgery can now be performed through keyhole including hysterectomy, removal of large fibroids & cysts and treatment of severe endometriosis. These advanced procedures require significant skills and training to be performed safely and effectively.

Dr Hugo has undertaken a 2-year fellowship in advanced laparoscopic surgery after completing his 6 years of gynaecology training. This training allows him to perform the most difficult of surgeries. He was the first laparoscopic fellow accredited by the Australasian Gynaecological Endoscopy & Surgical Society (AGES) which is the peak gynaecological surgical body in Australasia and is an active member. He received the inaugural ‘David Healy Memorial AGES Travelling Fellowship’ in 2013 to study and train overseas.