Dr Hugo is very aware of the costs of modern medical care and the need for you to be able to plan ahead. We try as much as possible to keep fees at a manageable level and to communicate costs ahead of time. Fees are typically lower than those recommended by the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

Whilst some minor procedures may be carried out in Dr Hugo’s consulting rooms, many will require admission to hospital. The advanced laparoscopic surgery performed by Dr Hugo usually only requires a short overnight stay in hospital and most cases will in fact be managed as day cases. Whilst most of your surgical and hospital fee will be covered by Medicare and your private Health Fund, all surgery has an ‘out of pocket’ component. The ‘out of pocket’ amount varies depending on the procedure, its complexity and your clinical circumstances.

Before moving forward to any surgery, Dr Hugo will ensure that you understand the procedure, its risks, benefits and any alternatives. He and his team will provide you with as accurately an estimate of fees as possible including those associated with the anaesthetist and an assistant.

Full payment is appreciated at the time of each consultation and any operative fees are to be paid before the date of surgery. Dr Hugo’s practice accepts all major credit cards and has EFTPOS facilities. For your convenience, the reception can organise immediate payment of any Medicare rebates directly into your bank account.

The practice actively pursues overdue accounts. Patients who do not pay their account at the time of consultation or prior to surgery are advised that any outstanding payment must occur within 14 days of the consultation or surgery. Only one reminder will be sent after which a debt recovery service will be engaged to recover any overdue accounts. All charges incurred for the debt recovery service will be passed on to the patient.

Medicare Rebates

Most services Dr Hugo provides attract a rebate from Medicare for your costs. Once you have paid for your service, you may take the receipt to the Medicare office and have the benefit paid back to you. Alternatively and for your convenience, our reception can organise immediate payment of any Medicare rebates directly into your bank account at the end of your consultation. All Medicare rebates are determined by Medicare.

Medicare Safety Net

If you and/or your family have significant medical costs throughout the year, then it may be beneficial to register for the Medicare Safety Net . This Federal Government program limits the amount of out of pocket expenses a household may incur once a threshold has been reached. For more information, please go to the Human Services site or register at your local Medicare office.