Seeing Hugo


An initial gynecological or infertility consultation with me will typically take 40-45min. In that time I will take a thorough medical history, review your presentation and assess and explain any investigations you have had. You can assist me by filling in a Health Questionnaire prior to your reappointment. I will usually give you multiple options for management, explain the benefits and risks of each and help you make an informed decision about your health.

Review or follow-up appointments typically last 20-25min and are used to confirm your understanding, review tests or treatments I have ordered and plan anything further. At the end, I want you to walk away informed about your health AND how to manage it.

If I am running late my assistant will do her best to inform you and to ‘shuffle’ appointments. Usually this is because I take as long as required for you to understand your condition and management. I extend this courtesy to all my patients.


Whilst I have completed training in both Obstetrics & Gynaecology, I have always focused on and chosen to practice in Gynaecology and Infertility. This means my focus during a consultation, treatment or surgery (that can go for several hours) is always on you and I am not distracted, concerned or rushed by obstetrics patients in labour. Should you require antenatal care, I have a great team of trusted obstetricians delivering at all the major centres that I will refer you to.

Following my initial 6 years’ specialist training, I undertook a 2-year Fellowship in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery at The Royal Women’s Hospital, Melbourne. I was awarded the prestigious ‘David Healy Memorial Travelling Fellowship’ which allowed me to study overseas. On completion, I became the first ‘AGES Accredited Laparoscopic Surgeon’, meaning I am one of only a handful of gynecologists trained and accredited by the peak gynaecological society in Australasia. I have also completed a Masters in Human Reproduction from the University of New South Wales.


I am a laparoscopic surgeon. That means the vast majority of my surgery is performed via key-hole. You’d be very surprised at what can be removed using only these 3-4 small incisions. Hysterectomies, removal of large fibroids, excision of large cysts and treatment of endometriosis can all be safely and properly managed using key-hole techniques. The benefits to you are shorter hospital stay (usually same-day), significantly less pain, less bleeding, better cosmesis, quicker return to work and normal lifestyle and in many cases more effective treatment than if the procedure were done open.

That said, I will not and do not overstate my skills. If a procedure is best done open, I will say so. If a procedure is better done by another surgeon, I will refer you on to a trusted colleague and facilitate your review.

Complicated conditions or surgery requires a team. I have a fantastic group that will work towards the best outcome for you. This includes my trusted personal assistant and nurse Jacinta Sullivan, my fertility nurse Sheila Forde and my selected gynaecological theatre team. I work closely with excellent urologists and bowel surgeons who are also laparoscopically trained and we regularly co-ordinate joint surgery.

I do not do robotic surgery. My training is such that my patients get no advantage from me using this method. The consensus from current literature is that there is no benefit from the robot over standard key-hole surgery in (non-cancer) gynaecology. Further, it requires larger and more incisions, surgery takes much longer and it is significantly more expensive to you and your insurance company. I do however recognise that this is ‘the way of the future’ and look forward to advances in this technology towards ‘single port’ and much thinner instruments.


I am committed to delivering the highest level of professional care with diligence, integrity, respect and compassion.  I approach your health holistically and will give you all the available management options which may include medical, hormonal or surgical techniques. Sometimes however, all you need is reassurance. I will provide you with the most up-to-date and relevant information so you can make an informed decision about your health.


I remain abreast of the latest and most effective treatment options by being actively involved in Australian and international gynaecological societies. I have ongoing research interests at Monash IVF and at The Royal Women’s Hospital on the way Adenomyosis and Endometriosis affect Fertility. You may even be asked to help with my research. I present at local and international scientific meetings, and actively mentor students and junior doctors.

One last thing

My team operates to 80’s love songs. Please inform us if this is an issue.